About Us

Not everyone's a car person, but most everyone has a car. Not everyone can nerd out for 30 minutes over NA versus forced induction, but anyone can appreciate 400 ft lb of torque. Cars bridge the usual boundaries of economic background, race, social status, and political affiliation. They bring strangers together on a Sunday morning to drink coffee and talk about their latest mod.

This is the heart of RevWear. A company I founded with the desire to bring mechanics, actors, school teachers, athletes, doctors and everyone else together with a common denominator – cars. Cars speak a language and experience everyone can appreciate. They are a window into what we love and who we are; our own personal canvas to share with the world around us. Each experience shared is unforgettable. A chance to connect. Remember. Dream. Cars tie us to the past and encourage us to dream about tomorrow.

Our cars don't define us, but they sure can make life a hell of a lot more fun.

At RevWear, we strive to transcend social barriers and create a brand loved by everyone - car enthusiast and athlete alike.

- Cody Walker, Founder RevWear